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Charlene & Shaun

Photographing Shaun and Charlene was very personal and special to me. These pictures were taken five days before Shaun was going away for quite a while. 


I’ve known Shaun for over a decade and he’s always been one of my closest friends. Charlene and Shaun have been together for close to four years and I’ve gotten to know them a lot better as a couple over the past year.


As much as I’d tease Shaun for spending too much time on Dota and forgetting about yoga with Charlene - I actually have immense admiration for the great love they share. 


I’d dare say the trials and tribulations they’ve faced over these few years as a couple; some couples would not even face over one life time. 


I hope this series succinctly tells their story of who they are as a couple. A story of joy, anguish and hope.


To the beginning of the end brother ♥️

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