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Kaijie & Sara

“I had to come stop you because you were so beautiful”.


Those were the first words Kaijie said to Sara when they first crossed paths in 2017. And four years later today, they are officially hitched.


One of the biggest challenges Kai and Sara faced was maintaining a long-distance relationship.


Back in 2017, Sara was only in Singapore for five months. She went back to Finland when her semester long exchange ended and their relationship seemed finished. Moreover, they only officially became a couple during Sara’s last week in Singapore.


However, LDR was also a blessing in disguise, because it really tested their resolve. When two ordinary people go through hardship, it prepares them for an extraordinary relationship.


I could really tell how much they loved each other by how easy it was to document their emotions. Minimal direction on my end was needed and I could then focus on capturing their feelings. They truly enjoyed being around each other and they were incredibly comfortable in their own skin and I very much loved that about them.


When asked about the one thing that Kaijie loves about Sara.


He said “Sara’s truly a giver. She gives her attention, always (and I mean always) listens no matter how her day is, I don’t know how she does it because I can’t command that kind of attention 24/7”.


And he knows she’s the one because “Sara covers the areas I lack in, like pausing more and living in the moment. It’s like you feel complete and covered (very cheesy)”.


Yes, Kaijie used to be quite the robot and I can see the value Sara has brought to his life.


When the same question was posed to Sara.


She said “I love how calm and collected Kaijie is and how he will always keep his cool and doesn't get anxious or antsy. And of course I love his sense of humour and how carefree he acts, that's why I fell in love with him in the first place”.

Kaijie hates it when Sara says this because he doesn't see himself that way.

Funny how we sometimes see few redeeming qualities in ourselves. But our partners can not only see the value but also bring out the best in us.

Thank you for allowing me to document your relationship and immortalising a part of it ♥️

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