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Mdm Emily & Esther Lim

“My wish is that after I die, my son can find a nice girl to love him. He’s a good boy with a good heart. And for my sister to be healthy and strong”

The above is Mdm Emily’s response when I asked about her hopes and dreams for the future.

This set of images feature Mdm Emily and her family.

Mdm Emily is 74 years old and is by far one of the strongest women I’ve ever met. She is the breadwinner for her family of three. Her husband passed away 30 years ago as a result of stomach complications.

Currently, she looks after her 72 year old sister who is incapacitated and suffers from cellulitis, a condition that greatly affects her mobility and if not treated properly, is potentially life endangering. She’s unable to go through proper treatment due to financial woes.

Her son, who is 41, suffers from severe eczema and has not been able to work for a long time because of his skin condition. Mdm Emily has been struggling with the cost of her son’s treatment.

Mdm Emily’s worsening cataract condition has also rendered her jobless the past few months. And she’ll be going for surgery this Friday.

Awhile back, she attempted suicide and intended to take her sister and son along with her. Fortunately, she changed her mind at the last moment.

After Lions Befrienders reached out to her, she sees a silver lining. And feels less alone in this world.

Life definitely hasn’t been a bed of Roses for Mdm Emily but I admire her strength to live on for her sister and her son ♥️

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